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Maxicrop Original Seaweed Extract (Organic)


An organic plant growth stimulant ideal for flowers, fruit, vegetables, shrubs and trees. It stimulates natural growth processes, seed germination, plant rooting and establishment. Use early as a root drench or foliar feed spray and later, with fertilisers, to help ensure maximum nutrient uptake.

Directions for Use

Shake well before use.

Dilution rates


10 mls to 9 litres

Soak seeds for 12 hours before sowing


20 mls to 9 litres

Use each time water is needed


20 mls to 9 litres

Drench rootball before planting

Growing on

45 mls to 9 litres

Apply to roots or foliar feed leaves every 7 days

Mature plants

45 mls to 9 litres

Apply to roots or spray leaves every 10-14 days

Fruit crops

45 mls to 9 litres

Spray several times before and during flowering to improve fruit set

Add required amount of water and stir well.


45 mls to 9 litres = 1 part seaweed extract to 200 parts water

Other Information

Wash hands after use. Once mixed use straight away and rinse equipment after use.


Reseal after use. Store in a cool, dry place away from children, pets and foodstuffs.


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