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SHAS Committee Members


Louise Virabi <chairman AT shas DOT org DOT uk>


Jane Lucas <secretary AT shas DOT org DOT uk>

Social Secretary:

Valerie Mulligan <socialsecretary AT shas DOT org DOT uk>


Phil Gorman <treasurer AT shas DOT org DOT uk>

Membership Secretary:

Tony Turnbull <membership AT shas DOT org DOT uk>

Plot Manager:

Rosemary Budd <allotments  AT shas DOT org DOT uk>

Site & Equipment Manager:


Trading Hut Manager:

Janet Cripps <trading AT shas DOT org DOT uk>

Social Media:

Louise Virabi <facebook AT shas DOT org DOT uk>

Other Committee Members:

Hilary Shorthouse (Co-opted)

Trafford Federation of Allotments

SHAS is a member of the Trafford Federation of Allotments.

Website Contributors

Some of the website contributors have their own pages: see CategoryHomepage

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