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Trading Hut

The Trading Hut has become the focal point for many activities on site over recent years. There are always a bunch of plot holders and members there on a Sunday morning buying fertilisers etc., or simply socialising. The range of products on sale is improving all the time and good horticultural advice is in abundance.

The Trading Hut is very often the first point of contact for new members and Elaine, our Trading Secretary, ensures the prices are always competitive. If you are interested in helping out in the Trading Hut - either behind the counter or working behind the scene weighing and bagging up products, we are always looking for extra volunteers ... so please pop in and have a word with Elaine - you will be made very welcome!

For a detailed description of some commonly used fertilisers and how to use them see the WhatsItFor pages.

Come along and stock up on gardening products at keen prices, including compost and potash for your fruit bushes and trees, lime for the brassicas and your favourite general fertiliser - organic or otherwise.

Trading Hut Opening Times 2021

The Trading Hut is now open for 'business as usual', from 10.30am to 12.00 noon on the following dates:

  • Sunday August 22, 29
  • Saturday September 4 and Sunday September 12, 19, 26

******************************************************************************************* ***********************************************************************************************************************

Seasonal Items


Limited stocks remaining - but soon!


Stock Items

We stock a wide range of gardening items at very competitive prices. New additions to our range include Wild Bird Food and Advanced Slug Killer,which is safer for pets and wild life

To see out our stock range and prices, see our Stock Sheet. Please note prices are subject to change

Finally, if there are any members who are able to spare 1½ hours on a Saturday or Sunday morning to help in the Trading Hut, Elaine our Trading Hut Manager would love to hear from you. We have a rota, so you would only have to help one week in every five or six. Any assistance will be much appreciated.

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