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SHAS Committee Members


Don Jackson <chairman AT shas DOT org DOT uk>

Don was elected in 1996 and has proved to be one the hardest-working members of the committee; his considerable business experience (no less than two Queen's Awards for Industry) has been invaluable, especially during the negotiations with T.B.C. to agree a new 10 year lease in 2010 and more recently with T.B.C and their contractors to get much needed improvements to the drainage system on site. A steady hand and a cool head in the sometimes stormy committee meetings have helped guide the Society to the success it enjoys today.


Jane Lucas <secretary AT shas DOT org DOT uk>


Peter Baggaley <treasurer AT shas DOT org DOT uk>


Tony Turnbull <membership AT shas DOT org DOT uk>


Louise Black <allotments  AT shas DOT org DOT uk>


David Taylor


Elaine Watson <trading AT shas DOT org DOT uk>


Ken Bostock and Jonathan Edwards are also committee members.

Trafford Federation of Allotments

Don Jackson and Louise Black are also representing SHAS as members of the newly formed Trafford Federation of Allotments.

Website Contributors

Some of the website contributors have their own pages: see CategoryHomepage

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