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What's It For? - Autumn & Winter Lawn Feed

If you treated your lawn with fertiliser this year, you probably used 'Spring and Summer' and/or 'Lawn Feed, Weed and Mosskiller' as and when necessary. These fertilisers have a high nitrogen content compared with their phosphate and potash contents in order to promote vigorous growth. It is not always realised that they should not be applied after say about the end of August, since this can lead to soft growth, which may be susceptible to disease as winter approaches and average temperatures drop. However, your lawn could still benefit from a change to 'Autumn and Winter Lawn Feed', the nitrogen content of which is relatively low but with high phosphates and potash contents. These ensure a strong root system and disease resistance and provide for vigorous growth when spring arrives.

The following information has been taken from the packaging of the fertilizers that are sold in the Trading Hut. For more information about fertilizers, their uses and explanation of the labelling see the RHS web site.


Autumn and Winter Lawn Feed is an inorganic fertilizer with NPK Values 3-10-5.

It is a mini-granular turf fertilizer for late season use on fine turf.

Directions for Use

Apply at 70gms per sq.m. (2oz per sq.yd.). Apply from September onwards but not during frosts or dry conditions.

Other information

If spillage occurs, sweep up and place in a marked container. Any spillage on grass should be swept up and irrigated immediately. Do not contaminate water supplies.

To be used only where there is a recognised need. Do not exceed the recommended application rate.


If the bag is not fully used fold to prevent moisture penetration. Store in a dry place off the ground avoiding damp conditions and direct sunlight.


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