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What's It For? - Armillatox

Armillatox consists of a blend of phenols emulsified in a vegetable oil soap and is completely biodegradable. Diluted with water and applied from a watering can, it becomes a highly effective fungicide and moss killer.

It is available from the TradingHut in a 500ml plastic container with built in dispensing device. An instruction booklet is also included, which gives the appropriate dilution and details for the treatment of honey fungus (Armilloria mellea, from which the product gets its name); clubroot in brassicas; white rot in onions; black spot on roses and rose re-plant problems caused by soil sickness; moss in lawns and on hard surfaces and fairy rings on lawns; destruction of ants in the garden and wasps' nests. It is a useful disinfectant for greenhouses/poly-tunnels, staging, seed trays etc., and is the only disinfectant to be effective against the dog roundworm Toxocara canis.

Information can be obtained from the TradingHut on Sunday mornings from 10.30am to 12 noon.


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